Since 2012, Bobby Akart has introduced people around the world to the preparedness lifestyle through Freedom Preppers, articles for American Preppers Network, his Prepper Broadcasting podcast, radio and television appearances.

In 2015, he began educating readers on how to prepare through his best selling prepper fiction series, The Boston Brahmin. He has added a non-fiction series, Prepping for Tomorrow, which has produced three best sellers in 21 different categories. His work in both fiction and non-fiction genres has earned him radio and television appearances. Bobby's extensive knowledge of prepping, and his efforts in educating new and seasoned preppers alike, has resulted in invitations to speak at several preparedness gatherings across the country.

Bobby and his wife Dani not only share their knowledge of prepping, but live the lifestyle, and now you can too.

Welcome to Plateau Preppers, a self sustaining community of like minded individuals. Bobby has acquired nearly 1,000 acres of real estate on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee to create the ultimate bug out locations for those that are ready to take this important step in their preparedness planning.

Our communities will include a garden for all, practice ranges, stocked lakes and ponds, a clubhouse with a prepper library, a prepper pantry filled with food and supplies, medical supplies, as well as clothing for those that may need to bug out in a hurry. See Amenities.

No credit check financing will be provided for anyone who requests it. All parcels are a minimum of one acre, with payments starting at $64 per month based on 5.9% interest and a 10% down payment, making this affordable for every prepper family.

Larger tracts, both on and off site, are available.

This will be a community of like minded people who are looking for a weekend getaway now, and a bug-out location for after the SHTF.

Are you ready?